Torbjørn Sletta Jacobsen (b. 1973)


  • Completed diploma as a musician at Rythmic Music Conservatory (RMC) in Copenhagen (2001)
  • 4 years education as musician/music teacher at RMC (1995-1999)

As a musician:

  • Torbjørn Sletta Jacobsen Quintet from 2010
  • Jazz quintet Lobster 2002-2008
  • A number of big and small constellations from 1995, with base in Copenhagen.
  • Freelance live and studio musician from the early 90’s until present day.
  • Contributed on a number of studio recordings.

As a composer:

Composer for Torbjørn Sletta Jacobsen Quintet from 2010 Pieces for string quintet and percussion for fairytales by H. C. Andersen (Lydbokforlaget 2005) Background music for Marguerite Duras’ ”The Lover” (Lydbokforlaget 2005) Main composer and bandleader for the jazz quintet Lobster between 2002 and 2008. A number of productions within commercials and radio in the genre of popular music from 2000.

As a saxophone teacher/pedagogue:

Leader for the talent program at the Oslo Music an Culture school (OMK) from spring 2010 Saxophone teacher at The Waldorf College in Oslo (Oslo by Steinerskole) in the period of 2005 to 2009 Music teacher at OMK from 2002 Assisting conductor and arranger in BjølSaLi (Bjølsen, Sagene & Lilleborg school band) from 2002 Band instructor and coordinator at Østerås Youth Centre from 1999 through 2000 Saxophone teacher at the Roskilde Music evening course «Lirum Larum» 1998-99 Saxophone teacher from 1993 for a number of private students. (for the discography, see next page)


  • Torbjørn Sletta Jacobsen Quintet: Biting Tails, Curling Legs 2015 (CLP CD 146)
  • Torbjørn Sletta Jacobsen Quintet: Time Layers, Curling Legs 2011 (CLP CD 119)
  • Norsk Kurveunion: The Lesson, Schmell 2007 (SMLCD208)
  • Hanne Hagerup & Klaus Hagerup: Skummelt, J.W. Cappelens Forlag 2005 (82-02-25007-2)
  • H. C. Andersen: Prinsessen på erten og andre eventyr av…, Lydbokforlaget 2005 (82-421-1857-4)
  • Margerite Duras: ”Elskeren”, Lydbokforlaget 2005 (ISBN 82-421-1592-3)
  • Sampeace Brown, Evolution, T-kay Records 2000 (TRHG202705CD)
  • O’boylife, Everytime, Mind The Gap 2000 (MTG-CDS 095)
  • Bimwo Swing, Brande int. Music Workshop Orchestra, composed and conducted by Ray Anderson, Dacapo 1997 (DCCD 9432)
  • A Story of Multiplicity, Brande int. Music Workshop Orchestra, composed and conducted by Marilyn Mazur, Dacapo 1997 (DCCD 9431)
  • World Music From Denmark, Tocano 1997 (MXPCD 0297)
  • Weld, Hello Walls, EMI/Parlophone 1995 (7243 8 36257 27)